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Below is my annotated list of Emacs related links. I have not had the time to sort and categorize the links, but they should all work and points to ressources that have helped me in the past.

Emacs Links
GNU Emacs Manual
The official Emacs manual. It's not an easy read, but everything about Emacs is documented here. You can read it on-line or download a PDF version.
GNU Emacs for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP
A FAQ covering the Windows version of Emacs. Very good.
SQL mode
A major mode for editing SQL. Can also be used interactively.
The Emacs Wiki
A large knowledge base, all about Emacs.
Emacs Lisp List
A large list of Emacs lisp files with short descriptions.
Mic's Emacs Hacks
Here's a nice Emacs tutorial for beginners and a couple of Emacs programs.
A GNU Emacs mode for SGML files
A major mode for editing SGML and XML coded documents. There's also an online manual.
Java Development Environment for Emacs
An Emacs Lisp package that interfaces Emacs to command-line Java development tools. This is a very large package, and it can do a lot of nifty things. A must if your're doing Java development.
Online Journal (Records Mode for Emacs)
A simple yet powerful package that lets you edit notes organised in an online journal.
Francis Wright's Emacs Packages
Emacs Tiny Tools Project
The Insidious Big Brother Database
An addressebook with flexible configuration of fields. Can also grab e-mail addresses from mail and news programmes.
xslide Emacs mode for XSL stylesheets
Registry Access for Emacs
Access your Windows Registry from within Emacs.
Vinicius' Emacs page
A collection of Emacs Lisp programs.
Creates a buffer in html format, based on the current buffer. Colors and fonts (font-lock-mode) are converted too.
Index of /people/ttn/software/ttn-pers-elisp/
Why I became an Emacs user
A long article describing various (UNIX) editors.
Special printing functions for Windows NT. It allows to print and view with faces or not on postscript and non-postscript printers.
Neil W. Van Dyke: junkbust.el
Dismal for GNU Emacs
Dismal (Dis' Mode Ain't Lotus) is a spreadsheet program.
A spreadsheet program.
HTML Helper Mode
A great major mode for editing HTML/ASP/JSP/PHP files with embedded VBScript, Java(Script) or PHP code.
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